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lsp collective

purpose & vision

ct20 has been formed to address the challenges posed by the relentless pace of change, creating a home for LSPs to merge and maintain their client base while radically reducing overheads.

Our vision is to create a stronger ecosystem for LSPs by pooling resources and creating new opportunities with the strategic use of technology to consolidate workflows, embrace automation and drive efficiency.



lsp collective

our mission & values

Our mission is to create a unique global content provider by merging LSPs from around the world into a powerful group.


Over the years we have continuously analysed our colleagues and clients' needs, we see that the culture of business is vital for success. Here are some of our values:

  • to enhance client relationships

  • to be agile in a volatile and competitive trading environment

  • to achieve best in industry quality metrics

  • never to lose sight of our core linguistic skills and to maintain a personal touch



lsp collective

who we are 

Lead by Rupert Foster, ct20 is a group of language sector experts and industry stakeholders working closely with corporate finance and legal support, our team includes:

Richard Murray Wells

Rupert Foster

Christopher Bryden

Karen Baylis


Andrew Jackson

Ryecroft Glenton


Managing Director


Head of Finance



Corporate Finance



lsp collective

what we do

We merge LSPs who are seeking to consolidate and embrace change. By creating a corporate structure that allows the Principal to pool existing resources and infrastructure but to continue running their company while benefiting from centralised project management, technology, language best practice, a comprehensive database of linguists, marketing assets and administrative support.


Here are some reaons to join ct20:

  • reduced overheads

  • improved systems, processes and technology

  • enhanced purchasing power

  • great support network

  • reduced risk

  • increased exit route options



lsp collective

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